The OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite™

The OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite™ is an all-in-one technology tool kit for categorizing, analyzing and retrieving information from large sets of electronic documents – and reducing the time, cost and effort of doing so by up to 93%.  The suite is delivered securely via SaaS, and has been used successfully in many languages for eDiscovery, risk management, information governance, compliance and other Big-Data issues.  The OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite’s four fully integrated modules include:


OrcaTec uses the same language model as in concept search to automatically build visual document clusters. Clusters are groupings of similar documents. Some of these clusters represent responsive ESI and some contain non-responsive ESI. With one click, a whole group of documents can be marked for further review (in) or marked to be sequestered (out).

Unlike most systems, however, the same document can appear in more than one cluster. An email that is about two things won’t be thrown out, just because one of its topics is deemed to be uninteresting. OrcaClustering technology helps insure that you won’t throw out the baby with the bathwater (or the offshore account information with the football pool), while effectively identifying responsive documents.

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The patent-pending technology underlying the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite™ is language modeling. The system learns from each collection, in any language, how words are used in that collection. Because the meaning of a word is based on how it used OrcaTec language modeling easily separates out the word “court” in a sentence involving basketball from the “court” in which “attorney” or “case” is nearby. Everything in OrcaTec is based on context.

Concept Search, based on this language modeling technology, helps to identify the most representative documents about a concept and to identify additional documents about the concept, even if those documents do not contain the keyword that was searched for. Finding the names of all the Enron shell corporations when you know the name of only one is an example of how concept search helps you understand your data.

But OrcaSearch is more than concept search. There are more than 25 other types of search that OrcaTec can perform on huge data silos.

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The predictive coding used in the Global Aerospace case is incredibly easy to use. Rather than requiring hours or days of effort to build a seed set, OrcaPredict randomly chooses documents and presents them for Decisioning. Using OrcaPredict means avoiding both the bias of pre-building a seed set and the time and effort spent negotiating over how that seed set is to be constructed. One “expert,” knowledgeable about the subject matter, is all that is required.

OrcaPredict provides the expert with groups of completely random sample documents that are representative of the entire document set. The expert simply codes each document as responsive or non-responsive. As the expert codes, the system learns which documents the expert is going to approve or disapprove. OrcaPredict does the rest, finding all and only the responsive documents with unmatched accuracy and specificity.

From your decisions, OrcaPredict generates a model of the language used in responsive and in non-responsive documents. It then uses these models to determine whether additional documents are more like the responsive or more like the non-responsive documents that you judged. The result is a short timeframe for achieving very high levels of Recall (completeness) and Precision (specificity) — levels that are difficult to achieve with any other approach.

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Once you have completed your document decisioning and culling, you don’t have to export from OrcaTec to do review. Continue to employ the powerful analytic technology of OrcaSearch and OrcaPredict  while you review documents with OrcaReview.

Organize your data by putting documents into concept-based clusters or based on any kind of search results.  Bulk tag documents based on search results.  Use Express tags to indicate the most important issues in the case. View near duplicates, hyperduplicates, and family members all in one easy-to-use interface.  Redact, create privilege logs, and use all the review tools you’re used to without leaving OrcaTec. OrcaReview provides the power of the entire Document Decisioning Suite when you need it and the simplicity of rapidly and easily reviewing documents when you don’t.

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Available as a complete suite or on a per module basis for ease of integration with other industry platforms, the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite increases the effectiveness of compliance, investigation and litigation efforts with no incremental investment in hardware or personnel.

About OrcaTec

OrcaTec helps clients address and manage business and legal challenges associated with the discovery and management of unstructured data with advanced analytics and predictive coding technologies delivered in the form of products and services to law firms, corporations and governments. OrcaTec offers a complete suite of textual analytics tools including concept search, visual clustering and predictive coding as part of the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite(TM).  The suite provides legal professionals with an all-in-one  offering for the analysis and review phases of the electronic discovery process and includes OrcaPredict for predictive coding, early case assessment and first past review, OrcaSearch for concept searching, OrcaCluster for visual clustering and OrcaReview for second pass document review.

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