OrcaTec provides a comprehensive library and listing of both company specific and industry applicable resources designed to educate, enhance and encourage legal professionals as they consider electronically stored information.

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The OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite

The OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite™ is an all-in-one technology tool kit for categorizing, analyzing and retrieving information from large sets of electronic documents – and reducing the time, cost and effort of doing so by up to 93%.  The suite is delivered securely via SaaS, and has been used successfully in many languages for eDiscovery, risk management, information governance, compliance and other Big-Data issues.

The OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite’s four fully integrated modules include:

  • OrcaCluster: Visual Based Clustering, Times, and Social Network Sonar.
  • OrcaSearch: Visual Based Concept Search Augmented by more than 25 Additional Search Types.
  • OrcaPredict: Court Approved Predictive Coding Technology.
  • OrcaReview: Issue and Privilege Tagging, Review and Redaction of Results, Review Analytics and Privilege Logs.

Available as a complete suite or on a per module basis for ease of integration with other industry platforms, the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite increases the effectiveness of compliance, investigation and litigation efforts with no incremental investment in hardware or personnel.

About OrcaTec

OrcaTec helps clients address and manage business and legal challenges associated with the discovery and management of unstructured data with advanced analytics and predictive coding technologies delivered in the form of products and services to law firms, corporations and governments. OrcaTec offers a complete suite of textual analytics tools including concept search, visual clustering and predictive coding as part of the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite™.  The suite provides legal professionals with an all-in-one  offering for the analysis and review phases of the electronic discovery process and includes OrcaPredict for predictive coding, early case assessment and first pass document review, OrcaSearch for concept searching, OrcaCluster for visual clustering and OrcaReview for second pass document review.

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