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Set up your company with Orcatec

  • We assign you a dedicated account manager that is able to help you to set up your company
  • Free data import from other software platforms

Create client profile

  • Creating a full clients profile provides efficient record keeping, builds stronger relationship with your clients and saves time when you do repeat business
  • Gives you an insight of how your client is connected to other clients.
  • Able to see full relevant information from any angle
  • Know your client. Abbility to see client rating from the whole Orcatec platform


Bob Smith


123 Main St, San Diego (Primary)

1040 Prospect Ave, San Diego (Billing)

48 1st St, San Diego (Rental Property)


Big Box Inc (owner)


03/10/2019 8am

06/16/2020 11am-2pm

01/09/2021 10am








#AG20031601 Estimate

#AG20031601-01 Contract


Mary Miller friend

Ann Smith wife

Create and dispatch appointment
with attached client, property
or organization

  • See all appointments on the map to be able to save a drive time by schedualing appointment for the right day/time and for the right worker
  • Current status of the appointment is reflected live on you screen for all workers

Create estimate on the job site or in the office on your phone, computer or tablet

  • Attach clients, properties or organizations to your estimates
  • Create and present or email interactive estimate for your client
  • Provide Good, Better, Best model in one estimate
  • Give interactive options
  • Attach files for each line item on the project or for the whole project
  • Create and load templates for common estimates
  • Schedule automatic follow-ups
  • Ability to see and get instant notification when your client opened project
  • Create custom payment schedule
  • Apply custom rebates and discounts with interactive expiration dates
  • Add taxes or other fees

Contract managment

  • Get instant notification when client signs your estimate. Able to see time, date and IP address of the signature
  • Customer is able to pay balances in person or remotly
  • Track payments and due dates
  • Schedule jobs from contracts for installation
  • Order equipment and supplies
  • Track permits and duct testing
  • Create custom trackers for contracts
  • QuickBooks integration to eliminate double data entry

Work force managment & Follow up with your clients

  • Create and manage different workers and roles
  • Time cards for every user
  • Send request for review with negative review protection

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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

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