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Smart Ecobee Thermostat for $14.99

How to get a smart thermostat for a $14.99 and a FREE installation

7 min read Dec 27, 2023


Orcatec users love offering "Good, Better, Best" options to their clients as it maximizes the profit and impacts customer service experience in a positive way.

8 min read Apr 11, 2023


Orcatec now offers more options to accept payments: convenient for your clients, less hassle for you.

6 min read Jul 31, 2022

What to Do Next Once You Get Contractor's License

The steps to take after getting contractor's license.

10 min read Jun 29, 2022

Marketing Strategies That Work for Your Benefit

Choosing the right marketing strategies is extremely important to promote your business. That would help you to engage more customers and grow your business faster. Orcatec helps our clients with that!

4 min read Jun 21, 2022

What stops you from getting CRM to manage your business?

Getting the right CRM in place would definitely save you time and allow you to concentrate on the things that are more important to run your business. However, many business owners still prefer to do things the old-fashioned way.

8 min read Jun 20, 2022

How to Prepare Going Into a Busy Season

The busy season is challenging to get through, but at the same time very important for your business. If you prepare for it in advance, the high season would be very beneficial. What are the right steps to do so? See some tips below.

6 min read Jun 16, 2022

Orcatec – client's feedback

Orcatec is the right choice of software for your business needs, and we prove it every day. Our customers love us and rate us 5*! Why? Let’s see what they have to say!

6 min read Jun 14, 2022

HVAC Trade Shows to Attend by the End of 2022

In order to beat your competition and expand your sales opportunities, you must remember – following the latest trends in your industry is not only important, but essential. One of the ways to do so is to constantly attend the trade shows.

5 min read Jun 09, 2022

3 Ways to Crush Your Competition

Competition is one of the first problems each business owner faces. Upon starting the business, everyone realizes how important it is to gain the customers trust and make them choose you above all the others. Orcatec can help you with that!

5 min read Jun 07, 2022