Article published in July

Article published in July

Orcatec is a comprehensive, cloud-based Business Intelligence Suite designed to help businesses monitor their clients and work history, create electronic invoices, it offers time cards, GPS tracking, route optimization, CRM, scheduling, and dispatching, while making collecting payments easy. 


“I’ll be honest, a lot of our clients initially sign up just to get advantage of the low cost of credit card processing fees, but once they see all the amazing features they feel like they hit a jackpot. Makes me happy to be a part of this company that brings such value to businesses around the country. Feels good to help thousands of customers grow,” - said Mike V., one of the onboarding consultants for the new clients at Orcatec.


Orcatec saw a lot of pitfalls of the current software on the market, be it HVAC software, plumbing software, field software or electrical software and took it in their hands to change it. “There are software on the market right now that still live in the early 2000s, it seems like. The world of technology progresses so much each year, it is a disservice to customers out there to get what some of the old-school software companies are offering. They are actually holding business back by not providing them the tools necessary to succeed in our day and age. Unlike other companies, Orcatec sees value in investing in current market research and development. We have a whole department that monitors innovations, picks what trends and tools will bring value to our clients and integrates that into Orcatec software, so businesses that use Orcatec are always ahead of their competition. Really, it’s hard to beat.”- VP of Operations, Vince K.

This Business Intelligence Suite is living up to its name and rightfully earned their title to be one of a kind with no other product on the market that offers all that.


The software is intuitive, quick to set up, and affordable, it keeps everything you need in one place. 

“Our sales team is praised not at the number of sales they make (and trust me, they are great at that, we have an amazing product, so that part is easy), what’s the most important thing to us is customer retention. It speaks volume that we never go below 98% at our customer retention rate, which speaks volume about the quality of our product. Businesses that use Orcatec software are happy and it shows,” - stated VP of Sales at his recent interview. 


When Orcatec was first starting, no one saw it coming, but now everyone agrees they’ve changed the industry forever. If you are in a service industry, scheduling a free consultation with Orcatec might be your next smart move. Sign up today, it’s free -






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