How to crush your Competition

3 Ways to Crush Your Competition

Choosing the right CRM to manage your HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical business would help you solve many problems at once. First of all, your estimates and invoices would look professional and you will be able to email them to the customers at ease. People tend to trust well-developed and well presented companies more than others, remember – presentation is the key! Try it.



The other important thing your company needs in order to beat the competition is help with answering the customers calls in a professional and timely manner. Using the help of the Call Center experts rather than answering the calls yourself would help you increase productivity and concentrate on sales while professionals take care of the rest. Do not forget about the importance of good customer service. You should make a great first impression to make the customers come back to you, the Call Center experts would help you ensure that. One of the other pros of using the help of the professionals is that all of your calls would be answered immediately and at any time as the Call Center operates 24/7. That means that no sales opportunity will be missed! Learn about other ways Orcatec can help your business.


Using the right software for contractors would make your life easier and bring great benefits to your business. Orcatec will help you always keep track of your daily appointments schedule and optimize the routes of each worker. It is extremely important to be efficient about scheduling the appointments of each worker in a way that he can spend as little time and gas in order to come to the next appointment as possible. While creating a new appointment, simply drop it to the queue and check on the map, which tech is the best option to give it to.  



You can also keep track of your employees routes using our GPS tracking system to ensure prompt and timely response to the call of each client! This feature will allow you to track the location and even the speed of each employee while he is going to the appointment once clocked in. 


With that said, it’s clear that using the right CRM to manage business is one of the key factors that will help you beat the competitors. Don’t waste your time, get a demo with us and start improving your business now!

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