How to Avoid Pen and Paper Invoices Causing Harm to Your Business

3 Reasons Why Pen and Paper Invoices Hurt Your Business

Today, in the era of the digital world, creating and storing tons of documents and media files has become so much easier. However, many people are still afraid to digitize their business and prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, using pen and paper. It is understandable, as it seems easier and faster for those who don’t have much experience using CRM. But only at the first sight. In fact, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical businesses that still use paper invoices and estimates slow down the growth of their companies. Here is why.


• First and foremost, let’s face it – handwritten invoices don’t look professional. The company’s image and presentation is essential for the business as people tend to trust well-developed and good looking things more. Nice logo, easy to use website, and digital invoices create a good base for your company’s image. In addition to that, how good would this be – to submit your estimate or invoice in a few clicks and email it to the customer right away? At Orcatec, we care about our clients and like to make their life easier, so we got it covered for you! Get started - it's free.




• The other reason why you should say GoodBye to pen and paper invoices, is that having tons of paper documents in your office makes it difficult to keep track of them and keep them organized. Having the CRM in place would allow you to have easy access to your client database just by typing the name or address. At Orcatec, we like to save our clients time, so from the moment you start using our app, you will no longer have to look for the necessary information everywhere – just need to type the name of the client, and you will see all the connected properties, appointments, estimates and invoices. It’s easy to get started.




• Last but not the least, spending time on creating handmade invoices takes it away from your sales. Everyone realizes the importance of having enough time nowadays. We know you would rather spend more time on expanding your company using marketing strategies and sales tools than making the invoices. With Orcatec, you would be able to generate invoices at ease and send it to your customers in just one click. 


Still doubting? Try a demo with us and you will know exactly what to do!

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