Orcatec Tutorial

Items (Equipment, Parts and Supplies price list)

Company Setup - Items (Equipment, Parts and Supplies price list)

Please note that “Settings” menu is Not Available On Mobile app and must be performed from the browser


Select Items


Select from one of seven categories to add items and pricing


Equipment, Parts and Supplies have similar structure and the “Proposal Line View” format applies to these three categories.


On the proposal you will see “Type”space”Brand”space”Model””Size””Cat1””Cat2”space”Description”.

Please note that you are able to input spaces in the beginning and the end of each line to achieve the desired look. If you want to add space between “Model” and “Size”, you can add space at the end of the “Modelspace” or beginning of the “spaceSize”.

Here is No added spaces example:



Here is an example of added space after “Model”



Click “Add new Line” to add new equipment


Input the desired fields.

After inputting at least the Type and Price, save the item.

Please note that each item has to be unique.