Orcatec Tutorial

Items (Instants, rebates, discounts price list)

Company Setup - Items (Instants/Rebates)

Please note that “Settings” menu is Not Available On Mobile app and must be performed from the browser


Select "Items"


Select “Instants Or Rebates” (Instants) would be a cost reduction you could offer that comes directly off the price (Rebate) would require further action on the customers part to receive the cost reduction


Select “Add new line”


Input your “Rebate” and “Price” these fields are required* text may contain special characters


Add up to three attachments


Set “Expiration Date”


You have four options: (The default “No expiration”) (Select a custom date) (End of each month) (The 15th of each month) When the “Instant” expires it will be seen on the proposal but the cost deduction will no longer apply


You can duplicate line items to make small changes


Duplicated item will have a numeral added “each item must be unique”


Make all required changes and click check mark to save


All added cost reductions will be available under “Instants/Rebates” when creating proposal


Once added will be displayed in customer view