Custom queues

Custom queues

Custom queues


You can customize your workflow to meet your needs by creating your own queues or workflows with automated rules. Queues help you organize, monitor and keep track of your work. You can use the default queue or create separate ones based on your business structure or tasks. For example, you can create queues for different tasks or assign tasks to specific people.

You can create and manage your custom queues in Settings - Dispatch (access to Settings has to be enabled for your user).

Please note, “Settings” menu is only available in the browser.

Once you go to the Dispatch menu, you will see the list of all existing queues.

You will also be able to Add new queue and Customize default queues in the same menu.

Once you press Add new queue button, a modal window will open where you can set the name of the queue, choose an icon for it and select sorting options for events in this queue.

You can use different sorting options depending on your workflow.