Adding new user tutorial

Getting Started - Adding Users

Company Setup “Add New User” 



To add a new user to your company go to Settings - Users (access to Settings has to be enabled for your user).

Please note, Settings menu is only available in the browser.



Click the Add New User button.



Once you press the Add New User button, a new page will open where you can fill in all the information for a new user. Please note, fields marked with * are required!



You can attach the user's profile image which will be displayed on the appointment schedule by clicking Upload. Profile image is not required (user will be able to add this at a later time).



You will need to input user's Full Name, Email, and Phone Number (will be displayed on proposals). Please use a valid email as the invite link for the user will be sent to this email address.



Assign a Title to the user and set the Project Identifier which will be used as the first letters for the project number (you can also leave the automatically generated one). Please note, Project Identifier has to be unique and can’t be changed later!  One of the options is to use the user's initials.



You can also add financial details for this user, such as Labor rate, Commission amount, and Commission Type.

Set user’s Day Start Location which will be used for maps and route optimization to determine the start of the day route. If the user starts the day from the office, leave the Company Office Address checked, otherwise, enter user's home address or other start location and select the address from the dropdown list.