Link your email to the Gmail account

Link your email to the Gmail account

Linking your email to the Gmail account


  1. Open your Google account

  2. Open Gmail client (the one you want to link your email to)

  3. Go to Settings

  4. Click on See All Settings

  5. Click on Accounts and Import Tab

  6. To send email from the specific email address go to: Send Mail as (you will see there your current Gmail address) - Add another email address

  7. Enter your Name and Email Address in a pop-up window and click Next Step

  8. In the next window, enter SMTP Server:, your Username and Password for the email (port should pull automatically, you don’t need to change it), and click Add Account

  1. You will receive an email with a verification code to your email address, enter it in the field and click Verify 

  2. Your email address will appear in the Send Mail as tab, you can also click Make Default to send all emails by default from this address (you can also edit or delete it)